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which animal can sleep standing upthey can only dream lying down
how many golf balls are on the moonno hint
what juice boosts memory its a fruit juice
What color was coca cola originally no hint
Which of the Beatles taught himself to read musicno hint
what season does your fingernails grow fasterno hint
whats the term of being afraid of funit ends in phobia
Where is it illegal to throw knives at men with striped suitsIts in Kansas
What was the yo-yo originated as?it was during the 16 century
how many percent of women have thrown footwear at menno hint
What object is often most choked on AmericansIts small and pointy
How much has the government spent on pickle researchit was in 1993
what animal kills more people annually than plane crashesno hint
What is a group of officers calledthe answer has another meaning
how many muscles are you using when you take a stepno hint
How many tons does Earth get heavier every dayits due to falling space dust
how much do children laugh in a dayadults only laugh 15 times on average
How many percent of americans know the sun is a starno hint
What kills more deer then huntersTheres more than 1 answer but im looking for the one im thinking of
who is the light bulb inventor he was afraid of the dark

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