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Forced Order
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'You bet Marty'I'm With Stupid
'I hate Mondays'.Pets or Pests
'Sounds as though you've got a dying animal to attend to, eh old chum?'House Fancy
'All my money was in that mattress'The Lost Mattress
'I wish I was in Texas'Texas
'But I am having a good time.'The Chaperone
'No'Secret Box
'I suppose it would, if I had one.' Friend or Foe
'Some guy in an ambulence'Band Geeks
'Your a saint Spongbob. A saint!'Giant Squidward
'Hey!'That's no Lady
'You can't do that to me! I went to college!'Imitation Karbs
'I like Squidward'20,000 patties under the sea
'I knew no good would come from city folk and their flying machins'The Lost Episode, The Sponge Who ould Flay
'Enough!'Scaredy Pants
'Cramped in there'Stanely S Squarepants
'I got your nose'No Nose Knows

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