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Can you name the bsci 201 muscles origin, insertion, function?

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Frontalis Origin
Frontalis insertion
Frontalis function
Occipitalis origin
Occipitalis insertion
Occipitalis function
Orbicularis Oculi origin
Orbicularis Oculi insertion
Orbicularis Oculi function
Buccinator origin
Buccinator insertion
Buccinator function
Temporalis origin
Temporalis insertion
Temporalis function
Platysma origin
Platysma insertion
Platysma function
Sternocleidomastoid origin
Sternocleidomastoid insertion
Sternocleidomastoid function
Deltoid origin
Deltoid insertion
Deltoid function
Pectoralis minor origin
Pectoralis minor insertion
Pectoralis minor function
External intercostals origin
External intercostals insertion
External intercostals function
Internal intercostals origin
Internal intercostals insertion
Internal intercostals function
Diaphragm origin
Diaphragm insertion
Diaphragm function
Latissimus Dorsi origin
Latissimus Dorsi insertion
Latissimus Dorsi function
Triceps Brachii origin
Triceps Brachii insertion
Triceps Brachii function
Biceps Brachii origin
Biceps Brachii insertion
Biceps Brachii function
Pronator Teres origin
Pronator Teres insertion
Pronator Teres function
Flexor Carpi Radialus origin
Flexor Carpi Radialus insertion
Flexor Carpi Radialus function
Rectus Femoris origin
Rectus Femoris insertion
Rectus Femoris function
Vastus Lateralis origin
Vastus Lateralis insertion
Vastus Lateralis function
Vastus Medialis origin
Vastus Medialis insertion
Vastus Medialis function
Vastus Intermedius origin
Vastus Intermedius insertion
Vastus Intermedius function
Biceps Femoris origin
Biceps Femoris insertion
Biceps Femoris function
Gluteus maximus origin
Gluteus maximus insertion
Gluteus maxmimus function
Gluteus medius origin
Gluteus medius insertion
Gluteus medius function
Gastrocnemius origin
Gastrocnemius insertion
Gastrocnemius function
Soleus origin
Soleus insertion
Soleus function
Popliteus origin
Popliteus insertion
Popliteus function
Zygomaticus mjaor/minor
Serratus anterior
Pectoralis major
Rectus abdominus
Internal/external oblique
Transverse abdominus
Teres minor
Teres major
Rhomboids major/minor
Palmaris longus
Flexor carpi ulnaris
Extensor carpi radialis longus/brevis
Extensor digitorum
Extensor carpi ulnaris
Adductor magnus/longus
Tensor fasciae latae
Tibialis anterior
Extensor digitorum longus
Tibialis posterior
Flexor digitorum longus

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