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1754-1763The Cost Of Fighting The French and Indian War in North America Lead to Taxes On The British Colonies to Help Pay The Costs.
1763Indian Conflicts West of The Appalachian Mountains and The Cost Of Preventing Them Lead To The Proclamation 1763.
1763 Prohibits Colonial Citizens From Settling West Of The Appalachian Mountains To Stop Native Conflicts.
1764Expanded List of Enumerated Articles, Or Articles Only Allowed to Be Traded With England. Stricter Enforcement of Trade Regulations Also.
1765Tax On Printed Materials and Legal Documents. Leads to Virginia Resolves, Stamp Act Congress, Sons Of Liberties.
1765 Colonies To Provide British Troops With Housing and Provisions.
1765Meeting Held By Colonial Representatives To Declare Grievance about The Stamp Act as Well as Taxation with Representation and Trial without Jury.
1767External Taxes on Colonial Imports.
March 1770A Group of People in Boston Taunt British Soldiers, Who Fire into the Crowd killing 5 People.
1772Set Up In Response to Gaspee Affair and British Taxes. Allowed for Grievance to be discussed. Acted As Sort Of Shadow Government.
1773Monopoly on Tea Sold in The Colonies By East India Company. Leads To Boston Tea Party.
December 1773In Response To Tea Act a Group of Citizens Dress as Natives and Board Ships in Boston, Throwing Tea Overboard Into the Harbor.
1774British Response to Boston Tea Party. Meant to Punish Boston. Leads To First Continental Congress.
September 1774 Met in Response to the Intolerable Acts to Discuss British Boycott as Well as Rights and Grievances and Petition the King.
April 1775First Military Battle of The American Revolution.
June 1775Americans Take a Spot On Bunker Hill To Defend Boston. British Finally Capture The Spot After 3 Runs, Suffering Heavy Casualties.
1775Representatives Meet to Manage War Efforts and Ratify the Declaration of Independence.
September 1775Americans Take Fort Ticonderoga and Montreal but Fail To Continue To Quebec.
July 4th 1776Declares American Independence From England and Lists All of The Grievances towards to King.
September 1776In the Largest Battle of The War Washington Sends Troops To New York to Defend It but Is Attacked By the British and Loses.
October 1777This Decisive American Victory Leads To an Official Alliance With France.
February 1778Allies France with America. France Starts Sending Supplies, Soldiers, and Weapons. They Help with Naval Conflict as Well.
1779-1781Spanish Leaders In Louisiana Quickly Get Rid Of British On The Mississippi.
1781General Cornwallis Surrenders in the Last Major Land Battle of The War.
1783The American Revolution Is Officially Ended and Great Britain Recognizes The United States. Boundaries, Mississippi River Rights, Fishing Rights and Property Rights are all Dealt With.

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