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1821Adds Missouri as slave state and Maine as Free state. Prohibits Slavery North of 36' 30'.
1828-1832South Carolina claims right to nullify Tariff of Abominations which hurts southern economy with the support of Calhoun. Congress passes bill to allow force to be used to enforce federal laws.
1830'sNotable groups and people include Wylliam Garrison, publisher of the Liberator, American Anti Slavery Society, Grimke sisters, and Frederick Douglas. Originates from Second Great Awakening and Reform Movements.
1831Nat Turner and a group of slaves rebel and kill 58 whites in Virginia. Raises fears of Southerners of Slave rebellion.
1836Two Resolutions passed by Congress saying that slavery should be left alone in the States. Second one, known as Gag Rule tables anything relating to Slavery in Congress so it is never looked at.
1837Killed by mob in southern Illinois due to his abolitionist paper.
1840First party who is for all out abolitionism within the U.S. and to get a president nominee on the ballot.
1842Declares Pennsylvania Personal Liberty Law goes against Fugitive Slave Act. Give responsibility to enforce Fugitive Slave Act to Federal government.
1845This State is annexed from Mexico as slave state even with opposition. Will lead to Mexican American War due to boundary disputes.
1846-1848Polk Declares war on Mexico. Seen by many as an attempt to expand evils of slavery.
1846Proposed to ban slavery in territory gained from Mexico . Blocked by southerners in the Senate.
1848Party based on ideas of Wilmot Proviso and keeping African American from competing with white laborers in new territory.
1848Oregon boundary set at 49'. Seen by northerners as not good enough since we went to war for Texas and Mexican Territory but not the proposed 54' 40' in Oregon.
1849Fuels idea of Manifest Destiny speeding up addition of states. Creates population surplus in California that allows them to ask for statehood.
1849This system brings escaped slaves north to Canada. She is called the Moses of the South.
1850Admits California as slave state, pays Texas debts, bans slave trade in D.C., and enacts stronger Fugitive Slave Act.
18521.5 million copies of this book published. Shows many in North the evils of slavery.
1854Allows popular sovereignty in area where slavery is previously prohibited. Leads to in state civil war and Lecompton Constitution.
1854Party based on stopping the expansion of slavery. In 1860 election puts Lincoln on ballot and gets votes of entire North.
1855Fighting in Kansas between border ruffians who are Pro-Slave and Anti-Slavery settlers. Sack of Lawrence becomes is a major 'battle'.
1857Hinton Helpers book urges southern farmers who dont own slaves to not support slavery. Seen by south has an attempt to cause inner turmoil.
1857This landmark case by Judge Tawney states that slaves are not citizens and that the U.S. has no constitutional right to ban slavery in territories.
1858In these debates Lincoln emerges as a moderate opponent of slavery and leader of the Republican party as well.
1859John Brown rallies a group of men and marches into this town to seize the national armory and arm slaves. He is hung for treason and becomes a martyr of the North but raises fears in the South.
1860With the support of the entire North and Republican Party the 16th President is elected, causing South Carolina to Secede.
1861The first large battle of the Civil War is a Confederate victory. It unites the north and gives the south a false sense of optimism.
April 1862In the bloodiest battle of the war the Union wins a victory.
July 1862McClellan attempts to attach Richmond but Lee defeat the Union in a series of battles.
September 1862General Lees plans for attack are found by the Union. Stop British or French from aiding Confederacy. Allows Lincoln to issue Emancipation.
July 1863Lee attacks the North in Pennsylvania but is defeated by Unions ending hope of war in the North.
November-December 1864Sherman burns Atlanta before marching to the ocean leaving behind a path of destruction and eventually capturing Savannah, helping Lincoln get re-elected.
April 1865Lee surrenders at Appomattox Court House after being chased by Grants forces. Surrender terms are considerate.

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