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1800The Presidency is peacefully transferred to Democratic-Republican party under Jefferson. Voting problems would lead to the 12th Amendment.
1801John Marshall is appointed Chief Justice of The Supreme Court by Adams. He will be the last Federalists influence on government.
1801Attempt by Adams to further Federalists influence by creating 3 new circuit courts and 10 district courts. He filled them with 'Midnight Judges'.
1802Congress repeals the Judiciary Act of 1801, getting rid of the new positions.
1803First time an act of Congress is declared Unconstitutional, establishing the principle of Judicial Review.
1803Thomas Jefferson buys the Louisiana territory for $15,000,000 from France.
1804-1806Jefferson commissions Lewis and Clark for a transcontinental journey to explore Louisiana and make observations about the wildlife.
1804Jefferson wins in a landslide against the Federalist who only get a few New England states.
1805British refuse to recognize US neutrality in the war between Britain and France. They stop ships going to or from France and board them.
1806Vice President Burr attempts to take control of the Southwest and create as separate nation.
1807A British ship pursues, attacks, and boards an american one in search of British deserters off the coast of Virginia. Public is outraged.
1807Stops all trade with any nations whatsoever in hopes of getting France and Britain to recognize US neutrality. Largely ignored due to economic impact.
1808Congress bans the Atlantic Slave Trade.
1808James Madison elected president.
1809Opened trade to all nations except Britain and France. Whichever one agreed to respect neutrality first would have trade reestablished
1810First time a state law is declared unconstitutional. Contract clause of the constitution overrode state law.
1810Madison annexes Republic of West Florida, claiming it as part of the Louisiana Territory.
1811Charter for the First Bank of America expires and is not reestablished by Madison.
1812The state of Louisiana is admitted to the Union.
1812-1815War fought with British over sailor impressments and aid to Natives by British. Francis Key Scott writes 'Star Spangled Banner' during the Battle of Baltimore and Jackson seen as hero for victory at Battle of New Orleans. Leads to Era of Good Feelings.
1814-1815Meeting of New England states to discuss secession due to economic troubles over British blockade, tariffs, and taxes.
1815US stops policy of paying tributes to Pirates off the Barbary coast. Effectively ends piracy in the region.
1816Effectively demilitarizes the border between Great Britain and the US including Northwest Territory. Joint occupation of the Oregon territory.
1816Madison issue a new charter for the Bank of America in a series of steps towards the American System.
1817Democratic Republicans dominate election of 1816 due to War of 1812, Era of Good Feelings, and Federalist ideas like a national Bank.
1818The first federally founded road ran from Maryland all the way through Ohio and Indiana, ending in Illinois.
1819Jackson invades Florida and fights a war against Native Seminoles and runaway African Americans. This leads to the Adams-Onis Treaty since Spain cant defend Florida anymore. US gets east Florida.
1819The charter of a private corporation is protected under the constitution.
1819First economic downturn to largely be caused by internal issues instead of Foreign including the National Bank, War of 1812 and the debt from the war.
1819Upheld Constitutionality of the Bank of The United States. Example of loose construction of the Constitution.
1820Added Missouri as Slave state and Maine as Free state. Banned slavery in Louisiana territory north of 36' 30'
1823Policy of preventing European interference in North and South America.
1824Affirmed federal control of interstate commerce under commerce clause of the Constitution
1824Jackson technically wins but Senate gets to chose and Clay is deciding vote. Clay later becomes Secretary of State leading to the assumption of a corrupt bargain.
1825Connects Atlantic Ocean to Great Lakes cutting transportation costs by 95% and allowing New York City to become the main port in the US.
1828Passed to protect northern industry but hurt southern agricultural economy leading to the Nullification Crisis.
1828Election saw the National Republicans and emergence of the Second Party System dominated by Jacksonian Democracy.
1830Jackson veto's road due to unconstitutionality of intrastate improvements and the idea of a government that didn't influence the economy.
1830Used military pressure to remove Native Americans, particularly in Georgia.
1832Jackson veto's the Bank recharter due to the fact that it concentrates too much power in the hands of too few people and wasn't regulated by the government.
1832South Carolina tries to Nullify the Tariff of Abominations.
1833In response to nullification Congress passe this bill to allow Jackson to use military strength to enforce federal laws.
1833To end the federal bank faster Jackson removes federal deposits and puts them in these state banks.
1835-1842This war was to get the Seminoles to move west out of Florida as well as prevent possible slave uprisings.
1837In this election the Whigs had 4 candidates who campaigned in different regions to try and beat Van Buren.
1837This panic was caused by the national bank not being renewed and Specie Circular.
1838About 4,000 Cherokee die as they are moved west on this trail to lands west of the Mississippi.
1840Attempt to separate the treasury system from banking system.

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