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Can you name the rebellion during the Tudor period by the description?

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about the rebellionrebellionMonarch at the time
This rebellion took place in 1536. It was against the Religious reformation and was led by Robert Aske. At its largerst, there were over 30,000 'Pilgrims'
This rebellion in 1569 wanted to remove Elizabeth I from the throne and replace her with Mary Queen of Scots. The main ringleaders were the Earls of Westmoreland and Northumberland
The rebellion in 1553 wanted to stop Mary from gaining the throne, wanting it to go instead to Lady Jane Grey, the ringleaders daughter in law.
This rebellion took place during the reign of Henry VII in 1497 and started over plans to tax the people to fund a ar against Scotland. The rebels marched to Blackheath near London
This rebellion in 1549 was also called the 'Prayer Book' rebellion. It was against printing the bible in English
In 1525, rebels wanted to stop this tax from happening. They succeeded in this and Henry blamed Cardinal Wolsey for trying to extract the tax from the poor.
This rebellion in 1554 was against Mary I's proposed marriage to Philip of Spain. They did not want a Spanish king and heirs that would be 75% Spanish
A rebellion in Ireland in 1595-1603, otherwise known as the 9 year war. It rebelled against English expansion in Ireland
This was the first of two pretenders during the reign of Henry VII. The rebel pretended to be the Earl of Warwick and was defeated at the Battle of Stoke
This rebellion took place in 1549. It was led by a local landowner and they were rebelling mainly against illegal enclosures.
The second of the pretenders faced by Henry VII, he pretended to be Richard Duke of York, the younger of the Princes in the Tower. He was defeated in 1499 and executed
This rebellion took place in 1601. The noble leader was trying to remove Robert Cecil as the main advisor to the Queen and reclaim his former place as her favourite

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