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Forced Order
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Zeke and Luther jump mattress at.....?Bros Go Pro
Zeke and Luther were deilvering donuts for.....?Donut Jockey
What is found in Jumpsuit Johnson's front yard?Crash and Learn
What do Zeke and Luther find in the tunnel?Pilot
_____ wants to make Zeke a cape for his skater lookCape Fear
_____ enrolls in Zeke and Luthers skate campSkate Camp
The name of Luther's rat was....?Luck Be A Rodent
Luther beats____ ___ ______in the cup stacking tournamentCup Stacking
Luther drew a_-___ on his scantron to pass his testSummer School
The curse of the board is the.......?Haunted Board
What do Zeke and Luther get at Tony's house?Road Trip
Who was the first to ride a skateboard?Luther Leads
What hits the jutbox when Zeke and Luther are playing at the party?Soul Bucket
What does Kojo put on Luther's arm to get out?Not My Sisters Keeper
Luther falls in love with......?Rollerdorks
Zeke and Luther have to go up aganst__ ____ on the show?Crash Dummies
Luther tought the dogs name was?Adventure Boy
Zeke and Luther kill the robot with a...?I, Skatebot
Who makes Skating illegal?Law and Boarder
The Gorilla's name was...?A Very Hairy Problem
What class do Zeke,Luther,Ozzie,and Kojo get out of to skate?Skate Squad
Luther feeds _______ to the shark; hopping that it wont kill ZekeZeke Jumps The Shark
Luther was supposed to over_ feet tallTall Stack of Waffles
Who played the air bass?Airheads
Zeke encourges Ozzie to do what?Luther Unleashed
Ginger falls in love with....?Old Nasty
The girl Zeke and Luther both like was....?Double Crush
Luther falls and lands on.....?Plunk Hunting
Kojo's friend was.....?Kojo's BFF
Zeke and Luther have to look after....?One Strange Night
_____ ______ trys to kill LutherLuther Waffles and the Skateboard of Doom
The Zeke's teacher(aka the mailman) name was....?Crouching Zeke, Dancing Luther
Who's pool got drained?Luther Waffles: Skate Cop
The treasure was found in.....?Treasure
Zeke,Luther,and _________ _______ make a rocket boardRocket Men
Zeke and Luther make a giant......?Board in Class
The robber was talking to his......?Local Heroes
Mitch was the.....?Super Shredder
Roy becomes friends with the......?Little Bro, Big Trouble
Luther hurt his knee by jumping over 13.....?Robo-Luth
Zeke and Luther meet......?The Bro List
Zeke and Luther go to_____ Seoul Bros
Zeke and Luther's ball of trash ends up on the.....?Ball of Trash
Kojo falls in love with___; Zeke's cousinSludge
Zeke and Luther go to____ instead of RiotGoin' Zoomin'
Zeke and Luther give Kirby a......?Bro-ho-ho
What stunt does Zeke try to do?Zeke's Last Ride
Who really did the crime?The Unusual Suspects
What does Zeke make the car run on?Two Guys, a Car, and a Wild Bear
The girl Luther likes is.....?Hyp-Bro-Tized
There favorite daredevil is.....?Daredevils!
Ginger and Roy get replaced by......?Sibling Rivalries
Luther trys to become the worlds best.....?Luther Turns 4
Don brother's name is? Head of Skate
Zeke,Luther,and kojo can not get anymore ______ if they get the nugget.Zeke, Luther and Kojo Strike Gold
How many people were in there crew?Zeke and Lu's new crew

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