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Can you name the Women of the X-Men?

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telepathy, telekinesis, link to the Phoenix Force
magnetic manipulation
geological manipulation
time control
weather manipulation
absorbs powers and memories
telepathy, telekinesis, chronoskimming
telepathy, telekinesis, psi-knife, immunity to alteration
convert sound into light
projects plasmoids
telepathy, psi-knife
psioplasmic defensive field
bone generation
illusion projection, valkyrie
computer mind, telepath, genetic manipulation
telepathy, diamond form
pheromone control
adaptive powers
sheds skin to morph body
shape shifting, slowed aging
illusion projection, telepathy
psionic body armor
Mephistoid (feline abilities)
teleporation disks, sorcery
personal probability manipulation
superhuman strength, invulnerability
Shi'ar (enhanced physical abilities)
Prime Sentinel
superhuman strength, flight, telepathy
microwave radiation emission

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