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Can you name all the words containing the letter string 'ji'?

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Word for Mexican street food_ _ _ _JI_ _ _
The capital of China_ _ _JI_ _
Ideograms or smileys used in electronic messages and Web pages_ _ _JI
Tex-Mex dish with marinated and grilled meat, tortilla, salsa etc._ _JI_ _ _
Island nation located in Oceania_ _JI
The highest mountain in Japan_ _JI
Honourable title for a muslim who has completed the pilgrimage to Mecca_ _ _JI
Power tool used for cuttingJI_ _ _ _
Holy war fought by muslims to defend or spread their beliefsJI_ _ _
Slang for a girl or young woman, and a female nameJI_ _
Word for a short crowbar, and a male nameJI_ _ _
To make a light clinking or tinkling sound, as do bells, coins, keys, etc.JI_ _ _ _
Spirits in Islamic mythology with a humanlike apperanceJI_ _
Someone or something that causes bad luckJI_ _
An unwanted variation in an electronic or optical signalJI_ _ _ _
Japanese martial art where one learns to defend oneself without weapons_ _JI_ _ _
Japanese writing system that uses Chinese characters_ _ _JI
Another word for mosque_ _ _JI_
Rum-based cocktail with Cuban origins_ _JI_ _
Screen consisting of a framework of wood covered with paper or other light material, serving as a wall, partition, or sliding door _ _ _JI

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