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Can you name the all the words starting with 'M'?

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Symbol for metre1
Slang for mother2
Cup used for drinking hot beverages3
A religious man who lives in a monastery4
Melted rock that is found under the ground5
The end of a barrel on a gun6
The word for a hotel room fridge containing alcohol and snacks7
Type of pasta in the shape of narrow tubes8
Natural light that we can see under a clear sky at night9
A period of 1000 years10
The main printed circuit board (PCB) found in computers11
Economical system used between the 16th-18th century in Europe12
Type of scientist that works with the Earth's atmosphere13
The operation for finding the product of two numbers14
Drug commonly called 'Crystal Meth'15
The idea of a society where many different cultures live together16

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