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Can you name all the words starting with 'I'?

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Me, myself1
Third person singular present of be2
Evergreen, woody climbing plant found in Eurasia3
Common chemical element with atomic number 264
The substance from the tusks of an elephant5
Medium-sized African antelope of the Bovidae family 6
Atoms with the same atomic number that contain different numbers of neutrons7
Army unit of foot soldiers8
Conversation with, or questioning of a person9
Ship specially built for breaking passages through frozen water10
Grammatical symbol which combines the exclamation mark and the question mark11
Words or remarks used for expressing emotion, such as 'Wow!'12
The process of devising a solution without previous preparation13
The basic, underlying framework or features of a system or organization14
Adjective for having the shape of a funnel; funnel-shaped15
To exchange communication with one another16
Adjective for not being able to be identified as different or distinct17
Technique for locating antigens in tissues using antibodies and fluorescent dye18
Adjective for relating to more than one religious denomination19
The process of increasing involvement of enterprises in international markets20

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