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Can you name all the words starting with 'H' ?

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HintWordAmount of Letters
Symbol for hydrogen1
Word used as a friendly greeting 2
Gardening tool used for weeding3
To circumvent security and break into (a network, computer, file, etc)4
Great destruction or devastation; ruinous damage 5
To illegally seize a vehicle, ship or aircraft6
Heavy armored soldier in ancient Greece7
Big, hard, brown nut from the tree genus Corylus8
Popular type of fastfood9
Type of aircraft driven by overhead blades10
Pianolike instrument from the 16th-18th century11
Large thick-skinned mammal found in African rivers12
The practice of teaching one's own children at home13
The process of reducing the size of the fat globules in milk in order to distribute them equally14
Sexual feeling or behavior directed toward a person of the opposite sex15
Condition characterized by abnormally prolonged and rapid breathing16
The opposite of depolarization; Change in a cell's membrane potential that makes it more negative17
The British name for a 1/64 note18

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