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Can you name all the words starting with 'C' ?

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Computer programming language1
Compact disc2
Animal that says 'meow!'3
Combustible, organic rock used as fuel4
The main ingredient used in chocolate5
Metal commonly found in wires6
Another word for hurricane or typhoon7
Ranged weapon that fire bolts or quarrels8
The winning move in chess9
Large, intelligent ape found in Africa10
Execution where the victim is nailed to a cross11
Structure that help cells maintain their shape12
Deep sounding woodwind instrument 13
The fear of being in a small or closed room14
The process of formation of solid crystals from a substance15
The opposite direction to the movement of a clock's hands16
Adjective used for someone that tends to hinder rather than serve one's purpose17
Compound containing chlorine, fluorine and carbon18
Activities designed to prevent spying by an enemy19
Public protest organized in order to express opposition to the aims of another protest20

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