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HintWordAmount of Letters
Any one of the muscles that cover a person's stomach 2
Tool used for cutting wood3
The smallest quantity of an element that can take part in a chemical reaction 4
Another word for protection or support; also the name of the shield used by Zeus5
Any member of a class of words that function as modifiers of verbs or clauses6
Inspection and dissection of a body after death7
Another word for a minor planet or planetoid8
An attack made by aircraft9
To reduce to utter ruin or nonexistence; destroy utterly10
Something accomplished by superior ability, special effort, great courage, etc.11
The study of how gases interact with moving bodies12
The fear of spiders13
The process of running a business or organization14
Recognition of the existence or truth of something15
Poisoning by a toxin formed within the body itself16
Technique for radiographic examination of the heart chambers and thoracic veins and arteries17
The lack of gamma globulin in the blood plasma18
Polypeptide tropic hormone produced and secreted by the anterior pituitary gland19
Enzyme in nerve cells that is responsible for the destruction of acetylcholine 20

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