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Can you name the words defined here, all of which end with '-ender'?

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HintWord# of Letters
The male or female division of a species6
One who loans money for temporary use6
To process an outline image using color and shading to make it look 3D6
One who transmits a message6
Something offered as payment6
A mixing machine used in food preparation for liquidizing, chopping, or pureeing7
Small or narrow in circumference or width in proportion to length or height; slim7
One who guards against attacks or assaults8
A plant with narrow leaves and small purple flowers that have a sweet smell8
One who violates a law8
To yield to the power of another9
One who who formulates and serves drinks9
A person who is in competition with others and has a good chance of winning9
The player in ice hockey responsible for preventing the puck from entering their team's net10

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