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Can you name all the words which all contain a tree?

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Member of a municipal legislative body, especially of a municipal councilAlder
Large basin-shaped crater at the top of a volcanoAlder
Slang for moneyAsh
Panel beneath the front window of a carAsh
Small, portable electric lamp powered by dry batteriesAsh
Chain, strap, etc. for controlling or leading a dog or other animalAsh
Racquet sport played by two or four peopleAsh
Defensive covering for the headElm
Evisceration; the removal of the organs of the gastrointestinal tractElm
To overpower or overcome, especially with superior forcesElm
Interjection used to indicate agreementFir
To bring a result opposite to that which was planned or expectedFir
Nocturnal beetle with an luminescent abdominal organFir
Security system that protects a computer against unauthorized accessFir
Loose outer garment, as a cape or coatOak
Loose fibre obtained by unravelling old ropeOak
To place or keep in liquid in order to saturate thoroughlyOak
Form for skiing, also known as 'downhill skiing'Pine
The edible fruit from the Ananas comosus plantPine
The backbone of an animal or humanPine
Person who installs and repairs pipingPlum
The old, obsolete name for leadPlum
Restaurant that has grilled beef as its specialityTeak
Mild solution for applying to the eyes for relief of irritation, etcYew
Person present at an event who can describe what happenedYew

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