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Can you name all the words that end in 'X'?

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HintWords Ending in XAmount of Letters
The Roman numeral for 101
An adult castrated bull 2
Another word for telecopying 3
Stone that is usually used in jewelery or hardstone carving4
To remove a new product from its packaging5
Mytholohical creature with the head of a human and body of a lion6
Coin-operated phonograph having a variety of records that can be played7
A form for Christianity or Judaism8
Container with materials used for making a fire9
Hype or exitement which turns out to be a dissapointment, typical in books, films, etc.10
The upper part of the back of the throat, that leads up into the nose11
Another word for a collapsed lung12
Genus of bird-like dinosaurs known as Urvogel that links the non avian feathered dinosaurs to the modern bird13

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