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Forced Order
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(You aren't him. He's dead.) Aren't we all?
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Fun. But not so much that I want it to last all night
And believe me I have no intention of dying not for a very long time
Your choice is this, serve me in life or serve me in death. It matters not to me. Either way, I own you.
He wouldn't leave me here like this. He loves me.
Eight against one is hardly a fair fight. Let's do something to redress the balance shall we?
I have no soul, our bastard of a father stole it from me!
All these reasons and none of them. Because I wanted to
Savour this triumph and know that the day holds nothing worth fearing
Sorry to disappoint you, but it seems I am still very much alive
My man did wrong by you and you claimed your justice I can respect that...but it leaves me with a problem
I will be here when you are dust. I will see the rise and fall of empires. Iam immortal.
I may be weakened human, but i could tear your heart from your chest and feast before you knew it was gone
We didn't ask to be sired, they chose us we did not choose them.

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