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Forced Order
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Thats like freddy kruger hatin on jason
So watch my wings burn as they burn in the fire
And its true i hurt too remember i loved you
As in heaven as in earth we've been dead since our birth
This verse is over i quit
Curtains closed lights are off am i alive or dead
Drink fast and enjoy your buzz
Silicon lips and all the big tits
The wierd kind of love you give to your cousin
Even in our greatest moments we may win or we may lose
Medication for the kids with no reason to live
Grab your drink and get on the floor
Have you ever met a living legend, just a real friend
No one knows the price. We know the price of sin. The sin of sacrifice
You came behind me secretly and shattered every piece of me
Push your matches, no more rain. Burn this **** world today
It might be the drugs talkin' or the shots of patron but these bitches look like models and they're ready to bone
And when you look into my eyes, I'll be the last thing you see
I'd rather have my anaconda deep throated by piranhas
Got some paper, and a lighter time to set it all on **** fire
King of the throne with ryhmes fatter than Rosanne
Words can lose their meaning once you walk away
Im so high like Mary Poppins supercalifragic- yo suck my dick
You can see god when I take my off

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