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Medium-sized arteries that supply blood to the heart muscle
Group of cells in the right atrium where the electrical signal is generated that establishes the heartbeat
Thickening or hardening of the arteries due to the buildup of lipid deposits
Weak or stretched spot in an artery wall that can tear or rupture, causing sudden death
Insufficient supply of oxygen and nutrients to tissue, caused by narrowed or blocked arteries
Irregular or disorganized heartbeat
Lack of blood flow to the brain with resulting death of brain tissue
Blood clot that forms in a narrowed or damaged artery
Blood clot that travels from elsewhere in the body
Force exerted by the blood against artery walls
Blood pressure that is forceful enough to damage artery walls
Disease of the heart muscle
Congenital heart defect in which an extra hole allows blood to flow from one atrium to the other or from one ventricle to the other
Metabolic disorder in which the production or use of insulin is disrupted, so that body cells cannot take up glucose and use it for energy
Amino acid that circulates in the blood and may damage the lining of blood vessels

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