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The nearest large spiral galaxy to the Milky Way
A layer of gas that surrounds a planet or moon
Direction around the horizon from due north, measured clockwise in degrees
Particles, including protons and neutrons, that are made from three quarks
A relatively small, icy object that orbits a star
Name sometimes given to energy that could be causing the expansion of the universe to accelerate
The speed necessary for an object to completely escape the gravity of a large body
A huge collection of anywhere from a few hundred million to more than a trillion stars, all bound together by gravity
The spherical region surrounding the disk of a spiral galaxy
The total power output of an object
An object that orbits a planet
The process in which a larger nucleus splits into two or more smaller particles
A gas consisting of ions and electrons
A forming star that has not yet reached the point where sustained fusion can occur in its core
An object orbiting another object

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