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Can you name the Freud and Piaget's Child Developmenta Stages?

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Freud says pleasure comes from potty training in which stage?
Freud says pleasure come from freeding in which stage?
In which Freud stage do boys and girls understand their gender differences?
What happens in the Freud's Latent stage?
In which Freudian stage can an Oedipus or Elektra complex developed?
In which of Piaget's stages has object permanance not been developed?
In which of Piaget's stages does a child not understand abstracts concepts like love and freedom?
A child that can understand abstract concepts like love and freedom is in which of Piaget's stages?
Egocentrism is a chracteristic of which of Piget's stages?
According to Freud, people unconsciously strive to satisfy their what?
A child wishes to kill their father to take his place with his mother. What is this?
How is our personality is developed according to Freud by finding a balance between what?
A child does not have developed which part of the mind when they are in the oral stage?
When a child does not understand the concept of conservation, it is a characteristic of which Piaget's stages?
In Freud's genital stage, what gives people pleasure?

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