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Those who sell their labour power, and who, in the capitalist mode of production, do not own the means of production
Those who “own the means of production” and buy labour power
Those who employ labourers, but who also work, i.e. small business owners, peasant landlords, trade workers et al.
Criminals, vagabonds, beggars, et al., who have no stake in the economy, and so sell their labour to the highest bidder.
Architectural metaphor that explains that the totality of social relations regarding “the social production of their existence”
Epoch in which aristocrats are the ruling class; merchants evolve into capitalists.
Epoch in which capitalists are the ruling class, who create and employ the working class.
Epoch in which workers gain class consciousness and replace the existing epoch with a Dictatorship of the Working Class
Epoch in which there is a a classless and stateless society.
The estrangement of people from their humanity
Common term for Marx's theory of History

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