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Can you name the Presidents, Prime Ministers, Monarchs and notables that have addressed both UK Houses of Parli?

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1939President of France
1942Prime Minister of South Africa
1944Prime Minister of Canada
1945, 1950UK Monarch
1950President of France
1954Emperor of Ethiopia
1956Prime Minister of the USSR
1956First Secretary of the Communist Party of the USSR
1960President of France
1965, 1977, 1988, 1995, 2002UK Monarch
1966Secretary General of the United Nations
1967Prime Minister of the USSR
1969President of Italy
1970Chancellor of West Germany
1976President of France
1982President of the USA
1984President of France
1986Prime Minister of Israel
1986Spanish Monarch
1986President of West Germany
1989President of Nicaragua
1990President of Italy
1992President of the Russian Federation
1993President of Portugal
1993, 1996President of South Africa
1993Last leader of the USSR
1995President of the USA
1996President of France
1996Tibetan Leader
1998President of Argentina
2000Prime Minister of Australia
2007Secretary General of the United Nations (1997-2006)
2007Taoiseach of the Republic of Ireland

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