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Can you name the Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood characters?

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The protagonist, Fullmetal Alchemist
The younger brother, soulbound to a suit of armor
Mother of the brothers, died when they were at an early age
Father of the brothers, left 10 years before their venture started
Flame Alchemist
Childhood friend of #1 and 2
Grandmother of #6
Turned wife, child, and animal into a chimera, the sewing-life alchemist
Iron Blood Alchemist, Brigadier General
Crimson Alchemist, Carved a crest of blood in Ishval
Crystal Alchemist, Used Ishvalan's to create philosopher stone
Freezing Alchemist, dies in first episode by Wrath
Silver Alchemist
Strong Arm Alchemist, Mustache moves when he talks
One of Mustang's Subordinates, Becomes paralyzed by a homunculus
Claimed murderer for the murder of Hughes
Partnered with #17
Book Worm, remembers everything she sees
One of Mustang's Subordinates,handpicked by Mustang for outstanding qualities and abilities, Loves food
Mustang's commanding officer, Hawkeye's Grandfather
Former owner of Youswell Mines, later becomes partnered with Scar
Doctor that helps the Elric Brothers
The captain up in Briggs, has the automail upgrade: Crocodile
Ishvalan Major in briggs
Mass murderer of State Alchemists
General of Briggs, known as The Northern Wall of Briggs
Moved south during the separation of Mustang's subordinates, loves dogs
One of Mustang's Subordinates, moved up north, then to Briggs
Homunculus: the ultimate shield
Homunculus: the ultimate eye
Homunculus: a failed portal of truth, eats anything
Homunculus: spear-like fingers, paralyzes Havoc
Homunculus: hides in the shadows, child of King Bradley
Homunculus: very muscular, says 'Everything is a pain'
Homunculus: True murderer of Hughes, can turn into anything/anyone, started ishvalan war
Created every Homunculus, Tries to surpass God
Rhino-Like Chimera
Toad-Like Chimera, Partnered with Zampano
Gorilla Chimera, Called gorilla by Edward
Lion Chimera, partnered with Darius
Dog Chimera
Snake Chimera
Ox Chimera
Lizard Chimera
Alligator Chimera
Old man brought with Ling to be his body guard
Young woman brought with grandfather and Ling to be Ling's bodyguard
12th prince of Xing
Little Xingese girl went to Amestris to study the Philosopher's Stone
Panda brought with May
#66, bonded to a suit of armor like Alphonse, Mass murderer by chopping people up into pieces
The brothers bonded to a suit of armor fighting Edward inside the 5th laboratory
Teacher of Ed and Al
Husband of the Teacher, Huge
Mustang's Foster Mother
Wife of Maes Hughes
Daughter of Maes Hughes
False Priest of Liore
Father of Riza Hawkeye, Teaches Mustang the secrets of Flame alchemy
Follower of Father Cornello, In search of a way to bring back her boyfriend
Made a Chimera with Alexander
Wanted Immortality, but instead got killed by Olivier Armstrong
Just put King of Xerxes in the answer box

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