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Can you name the Death Note Characters?

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Father of Kira
World's greatest Detective
L's successor
L's second successor
Kira's Shinigami
Kira's Lover, 2nd Kira
2nd Kira's Shinigami
The youngest member of the Kira investigation team
Leaves the Kira Investigation Team in order to support his family
The Shyest member of the Kira Investigation Team
Quillish Wammy, L's Assisstant
Kira's Second Spokesperson
The Third Kira
The Fourth Kira
The Vice President of Yotsuba
Makes a Replica Death Note for the unveiling of the True Kira
The con man, Pretends to be Eraldo Coil
Professional Burglar, Hired by L
The FBI Agent Following Kira
The FBI Agent's Fiance
Head of the Mafia
Owner of Sidoh's Notebook
L's Third Successor
Becomes the new Watari for Near

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