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Who is the maknae of BTS?
Who is the oldest in BTS?
Therefore, who is the leader?
Which member admitted to being lethargic?
Which member is self conscious about his cheeks?
On their 1st anniversary radio, which member was known as the 'red card?'
Which member was closest to Nate in AHL?
Which member uses the most emoticons and aegyo in their tweets?
Which member tweets the least?
Who features on Cypher PT3?
Which member is an extreme fan of the brand 'Supreme'?
Which member was the most comfortable with the girls while filming the Boy In Luv LA Version?
What is the title of their debut album?
Which song got them to 3rd in a music show?
What was the hidden song called on 2Cool4Skool?
Who referred to BTS a diss track on their mixtape?
Who wore sunglasses so much originally that fans would beg for him to take them off?
How many tracks are on Dark & Wild?
The name of Rapmon's underground clique
What year did BTS debut?

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