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Can you name the details in the second chapter of HP & The Philosopher's Stone??

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What does Dudley look like in the pictures?
What food does Harry have to look after?
Which cat of Mrs.Figg is mentioned first?
What day do they all go to the zoo?
The snake calls Harry with this word.
Harry recalls a man shaking his hand. What color was his robe?
What is Harry dreaming about at the start of the chapter?
Out of all Dudley's presents, which is the first one mentioned?
The first nickname Petunia gives to Dudley.
How does Petunia look after hanging up the phone?
Who do they think of calling first when Mrs.Figg can't babysit Harry?
How long does Harry's detention in the cupboard lasts when his hair grew back by itself?
Out of all the things Vernon likes to complain about, which is the first one mentioned?
Harry compares Dudley to an animal at the zoo. Mention it.
How many times does Vernon tap on the cage glass?
What does Petunia drink after the snake shock?
What does Petunia get for Vernon after he gets mad at Harry?
In which place did the old woman wave at Harry?
The color of Dudley's old sweater.
The first thing Harry eats at the zoo.

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