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LyricsBoy BandYear Released
I live my life the way To keep you comin' back to me Everything I do is for you So what is it that you can't see Sometimes I wish I could Turn back time, impossible as it may seem 1999
When I had you to myself, I didn't want you around Those pretty faces always make you stand out in a crowd But someone picked you from the bunch, one glance is all it took Now it's1969
Girl, I know you really love me, You just don't realize You've never been there before it's only Your first time Maybe I'll forgive you, hmm Maybe you'll try We should be happy tog1992
Every simple notion is poetry in motion Can't you see it's pushing me over the edge This wrecking ball you're holding Could crush the heart you've stolen I give you my devotion all2004
I kissed her for the first time yesterday Everything I wished that it would be Suddenly I forgot how to speak Hopeless, breathless Baby can't you see?2008
Angelina's lips to kiss in the dark Underneath Cindy C's beauty mark When it comes to the test well Tyra's the best And Salma Hayek brings the rest2001
Do you really love me (do you really love me) Don't you really care (don't you really care) Do you really need me (do you really need me) And will you always be there Every night A1983
I've got to tell you girl you're in danger No one can save you now You're going to be mine somehow You didn't know me But to me you're no stranger Saw you each day every wee1994
LyricsBoy BandYear Released
If you're not here by my side Can't hold back the tears I tried to hide Don't think I can take it I know I won't make it Make it without you1981
Well I've never been good at history & I don't give a crap about Robert E. Lee When it comes to cosines, I know a thing or 2 & I kicked ass on the test about me & you 2000
Folks may say you're different That you've gone and lost your senses But the world is your to walk Go ahead and leave the fences And you'll see( and you'll see)2001
I thought I had someone that I could fall in love with someone who would treat me right, yeah so I tried to be so kind I thought for sure I'd made you mine but something's weighin'2000
I want you now, mama, every day and night I wanna make love to you till the morning light So just hold on, mama dont you close the door I'll satisfy your wants and you'll be beggin1998
Baby, you are the best thing in my life You know you're sweeter than sugar and spice Baby, you are for me, you know, a dream come true I want to spend my whole life loving only you2008
Everybody's looking for that something One thing that makes it all complete You'll find it in the strangest places Places you never knew it could be Some find it in the face of the1999

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