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Can you guess the countries by the literal translation of their name?

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Literal TranslationCountryLanguage
Land of NdongoPortuguese
Silvery RiverLatin
Southern LandNew Latin
Eastern MarchOld German
The ShallowsSpanish
The Two SeasArabic
The Bearded OnesPortuguese
White RussiaRussian
Land of BolívarNew Latin
Shrimp RiverGerman, French
Green CapePortuguese
Islands of the MoonArabic
Rich CoastSpanish
Ivory CoastFrench
Sunday IslandLatin
East East IslandPortuguese
The SaviorSpanish
Place of Many TreesNahuatl
Indian IslandsGreek
The Fertile PlaceCeltic
Literal TranslationCountryLanguage
Struggled with GodHebrew
Land of the Rising SunShanghainese
Fortress Built Near WaterArabic
Land of Forty TribesEast-Turkic
Free LandLatin
Light StoneGerman
Palace IslandsArabic
Land of the MoorsLatin
Small IslandsGreek
Black MountainItalian
Area Where There is NothingNama
New Sea LandDutch
Land of the PureUrdu, Persian
Saint LucyLatin
Saint MarinusItalian
Lion MountainsSpanish
Lion CityMalay
Terraced BayMandarin
Land of the FreeTurkic, Sogdian, Persian
Little VeniceItalian
House of StonesShona

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