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Can you guess the world capital cities by the literal translation of their name?

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Literal TranslationCapital CityLanguage
Father of GazelleArabic
New FlowerAmharic
A Dam on the Amstel RiverDutch
Capital CityKazakh
Goddess of WisdomGreek
Given by GodPersian
Crocodile RiverBambara
Java PlumThai
Northern CapitalChinese
White CitySerbian
Home in the MarshOld Dutch
Good AirsSpanish
The VictoriousArabic
Merchant's HarborDanish
The Sticky TreeArabic
Black PoolIrish Gaelic
MondayFarsi, Tajik
Between RiversVietnamese
Abode of IslamUrdu
Abode of PeaceHebrew
End of an Elephant's TrunkArabic
Muddy ConfluenceMalaysian
The PeaceSpanish
Free TownFrench
Little CastleGermanic
Literal TranslationCapital CityLanguage
The Seat of the ShahArabic
Town of [James] MonroeEnglish
Heart on FireComorian
Residence and LoveTongan
Penh's HillKhmer
Under the Small HillMontenegrin
Port to the PrinceFrench
New PortPortuguese
Flat LandKorean
Smoky BayIcelandic
Saint JosephSpanish
Holy SaviorSpanish
Saint JamesSpanish
Saint DominicSpanish
Saint ThomasPortuguese
The Field Around SarayTurkish
WisdomAncient Greek
Log IsletSwedish
Eastern CapitalJapanese
Three CitiesGreek
The Red HeroMongolian

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