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Can you name the answers to these trivia questions about geography??

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Geography Answer
The deepest lake in the United States is...?
The capital of Peru is...?
The military base in North Kentucky that holds the US gold reserves is...?
The highest layer in altitude of the Earth's atmosphere is...?
The longest river in Asia is...?
The capital of Illinois is...?
The largest Greek island is...?
The Northern Lights are also known as...?
The country that contains the Atacama Desert, the only place it has never rained, is...?
The largest sea is...?
The smallest country in the world is...?
The official language of Brazil is...?
Geography Answer
The largest Scandinavian country is...?
The tallest mountain in Africa is...?
The neighboring country of Zambia that also begins with a 'Z' is...?
The second largest desert on Earth is...?
The country located between Thailand and Vietnam is...?
The state that produces the most potatoes annually in the US is...?s
The peninsula that projects into the Irish Sea and is dominated by the Cambrian Mountains is...?
The oldest city in the US west of the Mississippi River is...?
The form of poetry named after an Irish city is...?
The number of US states with only 4 letters in their name is...?
The largest river in Europe is...?

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