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Can you name the characters featured in the Nintendo Gallery in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

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Hall A: Forest Haven Figurines
Current Sage of Wind 
Former Sage of Wind, Deceased 
Forest Guardian, Father of the Kokiri 
Korok That Goes to Needle Rock Isle 
Korok That Runs Forest Shop 
Korok That Goes to Eastern Fairy Island 
Korok That Goes to Private Oasis 
Korok That Goes to Mother & Child Isles 
Korok That Goes to Shark Island 
Korok That Goes to Greatfish Isle 
Korok That Goes to Cliff Plateau Isles 
Korok That Goes to Star island 
Runs the Nintendo Gallery 
Hylian Interested in Gallery 
Hall B: Dragon Roost Island Figurines
Valoo's Attendant, Current Sage of Earth 
Former Sage of Earth, Deceased 
Rito Prince 
Leader of the Rito 
Disappears After Medli is Awakened 
Always Found Around Rito Hall 
Personal Guard to Rito Leader 
Rito Mail Sorter Who Hires Link 
Mail Service Employee Hired by Previous Answer 
Rito Guard Who Wants 20 Golden Feathers 
Rito Postman, Gotten With Other Figurine 
Sky Spirit, Rito Guardian 
Wind Gods 
Rito Postman, Tells Link About Flight Control Platform 
Standard Worrisome Rito 
Rito Policemen 
Older Running Man Dressed as Rito 
Younger Running Man Dressed as Rito 
Hall C: Enemy Figurines
Shadowy Hand That Drags Link to Another Room 
Fire Based Centipede Like Enemies Found in Dragon Roost Cavern & Fire Mountain 
Bats & Their Fiery Counterpart 
Goblin Like Enemy That Carry Joy Pendants 
Floating Skulls Engulfed by Flames 
Real Life Creatures That Can Steal Rupees 
Plant Enemies That Mimic Baba Buds 
Small Goblins That Surround Link and Attack 
Multi-Colored Jelly Creatures 
Flying/Hovering Plants That Carry Golden Feathers 
Shark Like Inhabitants of the Great Sea 
Octopus Like Enemy Found in Most Games 
Aquatic Form of Enemy That Drops Golden Feathers 
Bird Like Enemy Used For Carrying Other Enemies and Surveillance 
Statues That Attack With a Will of Their Own 
Different Form of Previous Answer, Destroyed With Bombs 
Small Spiky Creatures That Attack in Groups, Weak to Spin and Deku Leaf 
Multi-Colored Ghost Creatures That Combine to Form a Boss 
Terrifying Zombie Like Creature That Paralyze With a Gaze 
Hall D: Boss & Mini-Boss Figurines
Knights With Two Different Figures 
Stronger Incarnation of Previous Answer 
Stone Head & Hands Fought in Tower of the Gods 
Bird Magicians With Two Different Figures 
Guards of the Forsaken Fortress 
Shadowy Clone of the Main Villain 
Skeleton Warrior Found in Most Games 
Composed of Small Enemies, Main Boss of Earth Temple 
Main Antagonist in Most Games in Series 
Bird King Fought in the Forsaken Fortress 
Giant Moth Fought in the Forbidden Woods  
Puppet Clone of the Main Villain 
Giant Serpent, Boss of the Wind Temple 
Giant Plant, Boss of the Forbidden Woods 
Giant One Eyed Arthropod, Boss of Dragon Roost Island 
Giant Squid Enemy Fought in the Great Sea 
Hall E: Onset Island
Real Life Creature Found on Beach, Common on Onset Island 
Only Villager to Live on Western Island 
Giant Fish, Water Spirit 
Accomplished Swordsman Who Trains Link 
Villager With Giant Head and IQ 
Previous Answer's Granddaughter, Always Seen With Jar 
Real Life Bird Found on Beaches 
Link's Sister 
Link's Other Family Member 
Real Life Animal That Gives us Bacon 
Mother, Has Pet Pig 
Father, Has Pet Pig 
Son of Previous Two Answers 
Son of Previous Two Answers, Always Has Snot Bubble 
Hall F: Windfall Island Figurines
Elderly Woman Who's Fond of Pictographs 
Islander Who's Favorite Hobbies Are Walking and Kickboxing 
Mother of Sailor, Found Mostly on Secondary Docks 
Gives Link a Piece of Heart for Activating Lighthouse 
First Person to Get Picture Taken With Deluxe Picto Box 
Two Gossiping Women 
Shopkeeper Who Starts the Trade Sequence 
The World's Charismatic Dancer Extraordinaire! 
The Famed Pictographer 
The Windfall Gang 
School of Joy Teacher 
Little Tipsters at the School of Joy 
Poor Girl Kidnapped to the Forsaken Fortress 
Unnamed Father of Previous Answer 
Wealthy Girl Kidnapped to Forsaken Fortress 
Unnamed Father to Previous Answer 
Sailor Frequently at Night Auctions 
Sailor Who Gives Link Rupees For Placing a Statue on Top of the Gate 
Sailor Who Owns the Island's Pigs 
Sailor Who Tells Link the Wind Direction 
Best Friend to Jar Carrying Onset Islander 
Gives Piece of Heart for Decorating Pedestals  
Woman Who Works at Cafe Bar 
Take a Picture of Him Displaying Fear to Get Deluxe Picto Box 
Only Bomb Maker in Game 
Makes Medicine Derived From Chu Jelly 
Only Character Outside During Endless Night Curse 
Hall G: Great Sea Figurines
Common Creature That Revives You 
Fairies That Give Upgrades Throughout Series 
Gives Link Fire & Ice Arrows 
Gorons Who Play a Large Part in Island Trading Sequence 
Great Treasure Chart Knowledge, Seen With Telescope 
Brains of Tetra's Crew 
Bottom Rung of Tetra's Crew 
Keeps Watch on Water For Tetra's Crew 
Counsels Tetra in Decision Making 
In Charge of Keeping Tetra's Ship in Order 
Leader of Tetra's Pirates 
Get Entire Crew With Her Pictograph, Actually Princess Zelda 
Fish Who Fills in Sea Chart 
King of Hyrule 
Main Protagonist and His Boat 
Princess of Hyrule 
Teach Link How to Use Grapple Hook to Salvage Treasure 
Runs Sinking Ships & Barrel Shoot Mini-Games 
Works at Boating Course and Spends Nights at Cafe Bar 
Salesman Who Travels the Great Sea 
Recurring Strange Green Character 
Pink Dressed Tingle Brother 
Blue Dressed Tingle Brother 
White Dressed Tingle Brother 

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