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Can you name the Super Mario RPG Bosses?

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His Own Castle, Don't Attack Him
Drop Their Weapons For Mario to Use
Thief, Fought Later in Mine as Well
Knife, Guarding First Star
Fought in Sewers, and Later in Own Temple
Bow With Arrows, Guarding Second Star
Bomb, Guarding Third Star
Optional if Lost Mini-Game in Own Tower
Two Clown Like Brothers Guarding Peach
Cake Boss Fought With Backers
Giant Squid Fought in Sunken Ship
Shark, Guarding Fifth Star
Spear, Steals Fifth Star Spirit
Apprentice at Monstro Town Dojo
Master at Monstro Town Dojo
Piranha Plant Blocking Pipe to Nimbus Land
Found in Egg Under Control of Nimbus Land Area Boss
Bird Servant to Nimbus Land Area Boss
Nimbus Land Boss Trying to Overthrow the Royal Family
Fire Dragon in Barrel Volcano
Boney Remains Barrel Volcano Dragon
Group of Five Ax Wielding Siblings
Samurai Guarding Entrance to Final Area
Giant Sword Guarding Final Area
Clock Like Boss Found Within Final Area
Sword and Shield Using Boss in Final Area, Partner to Next Answer
Magic Using Boss in Final Area, Partner to Previous Answer
Snakes Used by Previous Two Answers
Four Different Members of Factory, Name One
Final Boss, Main Antagonist, Guards Final Star
Option Boss, Final Fantasy Based

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