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Can you name the information from Luigi's Mansion?

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Area One Portraits
The Bookish Father 
The Mirror-Gazing Mother 
Area Two Portraits
The Dancing Couple 
The Wandering Butler 
The Beautiful Pianist 
The Glutton 
The Hungry Guard Dog 
Area Three Portraits
The Bodybuilder 
The Bathing Beauty 
The Scarf Knitting Granny 
The Lonely Poolshark 
The Twin Brothers 
The Freaky Fortune Teller 
Area Four Portraits
The Hermit of the Darkness 
The Toy Platoon 
The Dozing Girl 
The Jar Collector 
The Chilly Climber 
The Starving Artist 
Area Bosses
The Spoiled Baby 
The Cemetery Shadow  
The Jumbo Boo 
The Dastardly Duo  
Standard Money
Most Common 
Other Money
Cheap Gem 
Catch All Boos 
Defeating Bosses 
Mario's Lost Items
Found in Laundry Room 
Found in Courtyard 
Found in Projection Room 
Found in Twin's Room 
Found in Observatory 
Area Key Shapes
Area 2, Capture Chauncey 
Area 3, Capture Bogmire 
Area 4, Capture Boolussus 
Final Boss, Capture Vincent Van Gore 
Found in Mirror Room 
Found in Kitchen 
Found in Tea Room 
Non-Ghost Characters
His Brother 
Crazy Professor 
Peach's Servants 
Area One Portrait Rooms
Father Portrait Ghost 
Mother Portrait Ghost 
Baby Portrait Ghosts,Area Boss 
Area Two Portrait Rooms
Dancing Portrait Ghosts 
Butler Portrait Ghost 
Piano Playing Portrait Ghost 
Eating Portrait Ghost 
Dog Portrait Ghost 
Shadow Portrait Ghost,Area Boss 
Area Three Portrait Rooms
Bodybuilder Portrait Ghosts 
Bathing Portrait Ghost 
Grandma Portrait Ghost 
Poolshark Room 
Brother's Bedroom 
Future Seeing Room 
Outside Boo, Area Boss 
Area Four Portrait Rooms
Creepy Uncle Room 
Ghostly Toy & Clock Room 
Dozing Girl Bedroom 
Jar Collector Room 
Chilly Climber Room 
Painter's Room 
Final Boss, Before Battle 
Final Boss, During Battle 

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