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Can you name all the Usable Keyblades throughout the Kingdom Hearts Series?

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Kingdom Hearts (Final Mix)
Kairi, Traverse Town 
Chest, Hollow Bastion 
Trinity, Wonderland 
Chest, Complete Phil, Pegasus, and Hercules Cup 
Lock Deep Jungle 
Lock Agrabah 
Lock Halloween Town 
Chest in Gepetto's House After Monstro 
Lock Atlantica 
Lock Neverland 
Belle, Hollow Bastion 
Merlin, Obtain Level 1 of All Magic 
Beat Cloud in Hercules Cup 
Beat Leon and Cloud in Hades Cup 
Beat Gold Match (Final Mix) 
Beat Platinum Match (Final Mix) 
Kingdom Hearts II (Final Mix)
Fairies, Yen Sid's Tower 
Beat Shan-Yu, Land of Dragons 
Beast, Beast's Castle 
Beast Hydra, Olympus Coliseum 
Complete Timeless River 
Complete Ursula's Revenge, Atlantica 
Beat Barbossa, Port Royal 
Beat Jafar, Agrabah 
Beat Experiment, Halloween Town 
Simba, Pride Lands 
Complete 4th Mini Game, 100 Acre Wood 
Beat Hostile Program, Space Paranoids 
Gullwings, Hollow Bastion, After War 
Beat Hades, Olympus Coliseum 
Leon, Hollow Bastion, Before 2nd Space Paranoids 
Beat Sephiroth, Speak with Cloud 
Win Battle in Betwixt and Between 
Beat Roxas, World That Never Was (Final Mix) 
Complete Goddess of Fate Cup 
Finish all Mushroom Mini-Games (Final Mix) 
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Skill Gear 
Technical Gear 
Duel Gear 
Loaded Gear 
Chrono Gear 
Phantom Gear 
Lift Gear 
Nimble Gear 
Wild Gear 
Ominous Gear 
Valor Gear 
Fearless Gear 
Prestige Gear 
Crisis Gear 
Omega Gear 
Hazard Gear 
Rage Gear 
Champion Gear 
Ultimate Gear 
Pandora's Gear 
Casual Gear 
Mystery Gear 
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (Sora,Riku,Mickey)
Zero Gear (Sora) 
Default, All Gears Other Than Zero & Pandora's (Riku) 
Zero Gear (Riku) 
Default, All Gears Other than Pandora's (Mickey) 
Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded
Beat Sora's Heartless 
Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
Default, Aqua 
Destiny Islands, Aqua 
Radiant Garden, Aqua 
Start Final Episode, Aqua 
Start Secret Episode, Aqua 
Default, Ventus 
Radiant Garden, Ventus 
Destiny Islands, Ventus 
Terra, Default 
Destiny Islands, Terra 
Complete Dead Ringer Battle, Terra 
Beast Master Eraqus, Terra 
Complete Dwarf Woodlands, All 
Complete Castle of Dreams, All 
Complete Enchanted Dominion, All 
Complete Rumbling Racing Mini-Game, All 
Complete Olympus Coliseum, All 
Complete Deep Space, All 
Complete Neverland, All 
Make All Seven Kinds of Ice Cream, All 
Beat Vanitas Remnant, All 
Beat Unknown, All 
Complete Foresight Unto Darkness Battle, All 
Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance
Complete Traverse Town, First Visit 
Complete La Cite des Cloches 
Complete The Grid 
Complete Prankster's Paradise 
Complete Traverse Town, Second Visit 
Complete Country of the Musketeers 
Complete Symphony of Sorccery  
Get A Rank on All Dives 
Clear All Cups in Flick Rush 
Beat All Secret Portals 
Beat All Special Portals 
Kingdom Hearts Unchained (X)

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