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QUIZ: Can you name the characters from the manga, anime, movies, and video games Bleach by Tite Kubo (WARNING: Contains Lots of Spoilers!!)

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Kurosaki Family
Brother, Main Character  
Father, Former Squad 10 Captain 
Mother, Former Quincy 
Soul Society Rescue Team (Student)
Main Character's Friend, Uses 6 Petal Hairpiece 
Main Character's Friend, Fullbringer 
Main Character's Friend, Quincy 
Ishida Clan
(Name of Character) Shop
Owner, Former Division 12 Captain 
Former Kido Corps Captain 
Former Division 2 Captian 
Black Haired Child 
Red Haired Child 
Former Fullbringer 
Leader, Cross of Scaffold 
Time Tells No Lies 
Jackpot Knuckle 
Former Member, Book of the End 
Invaders Must Die 
Shiba Clan & Servants
Sister, Leader 
Former Division 13 Lt, Deceased  
Bakkoto Users
Lead Assassin 
Stone Walls 
Former Division 3 Captain 
Former Division 3 3rd Seat 
Kasumioji & Kannogi Heirs & Guardians
Kasumioji Heir 
Kannogi Heir 
Kasumioji Guard 
Kasumioji Guard 
Former Division 7 Captain 
Leader, Division 5 Captain 
Division 9 Lt 
Division 9 Captain 
Division 3 Captain 
Former Division 12 Lt 
Former Kido Corps Lt 
Division 8 Captain 
Attacked Ichigo's Family 
Attacked Chad and Parakeet 
Attacked Oriheme and Friends 
Attcked Ichigo and Uryu during Competition 
Killed Ichigo's Mother, Later an Arrancar 
Killed Kaien 
Assists Former Espada 3 and Fraccion 
Guardian to Las Noches 
Summoned by Leader of Arrancar 
Chimera Like, Summoned by 3 Fraccion  
1st Espada 
2nd Espada 
3rd Espada 
Former 3rd Espada 
4th Espada 
5th Espada 
6th Espada 
Temporary 6th Espada 
7th Espada 
8th Espada 
9th Espada 
10th Espada, 0 Upon Release 
Privaron Espada
103rd Arrancar 
105th Arrancar 
107th Arrancar 
1st Espada Fraccion/Other Half 
2nd Espada Fraccion 
2nd Espada Fraccion 
2nd Espada Fraccion 
2nd Espada Fraccion 
2nd Espada Fraccion 
2nd Espada Fraccion 
3rd Espada Fraccion 
3rd Espada Fraccion 
3rd Espada Fraccion 
5th Espada Fraccion 
6th Espada Fraccion 
6th Espada Fraccion 
6th Espada Fraccion 
6th Espada Fraccion 
6th Espada Fraccion 
8th Espada Fraccion 
8th Espada Fraccion, 2 Fraccion, Name 1 
Former 3rd Espada Fraccion 
Former 3rd Espada Fraccion 
Other Arrancar
Servant, Oriheme's Overseer 
Servant, Oriheme's Overseer 
Leader of Clean Up Crew (Exequias) 
10 Espada Pet 
Gatekeeper to Las Noches 
Gatekeeper to Las Noches 
Shattered Blade Video Game Only 
77th Arrancar, Synthetic 
Mod Souls
Stuffed Bear 
Stuffed Bird (Anime Only) 
Green Plushie (Anime Only) 
Pink Stuffed Bear (Anime Only) 
Bounts (Anime Only)
Leader, Messer 
Apprentice, Waineton 
Twins, Name 1, Guhl & Gunther 
Leader's Ex-Wife, Goethe 
2nd in Command, Betrayal, Fried 
Zanpakuto Spirits (Anime Only)
12th Division Captain, Poison, Claw Out 
2nd Division Lt, Melee, Crush 
Former 1st Division Lt, Lightning, Pierce 
10th Division Lt, Ash, Growl, Roar 
4th Division 7th Seat, Healing, Fulfill/Fill  
11th Division Lt, Melee, Split/Grow 
10th Division Captain, Ice, Sit Upon the Frozen Heavens 
1st Division Captain, Kido, Flower Wind Rage and Flower God Roar, Heavenly Wind Rage and Heavenly Demon Sneer 
9th Division Lt, Melee, Reap 
Former 4th Division Captain, Kido, Unknown 
Former 6th Division 3rd Seat, Illusion, Whisper 
11th Division 3rd Seat, Kido, Bloom 
Former 1st Division Captain, Fire, All Things of This World Turn to Ashes 
6th Division Captain, Misc, Scatter 
13th Division Captain, Ice, Dance 
Former 13th Division Captain, Kido, All Waves, Rise now and Become my Shield, Lightning, Strike now and Become my Blade 
2nd Division Captain, Assassination. Sting All Enemies to Death 
Former 7th Division Captain, Melee, Roar 
Division 5 Lt, Kido, Snap 
Division 3 Lt, Melee, Raise Your Head 
Division 6 Lt, Melee, Howl/Roar 
Main Character, Melee, No Command 
Memories of Nobody (Movie)
Shingami, Movie Only, Shinenju 
Main Villian, Leader of Dark Ones 
Subordinate Villain 
Subordinate Villain 
Subordinate Villain 
Subordinate Villain 
Subordinate Villain 
DiamondDust Rebellion (Movie)
Main Antagonist 
2 Subordinate Arrancar, Name 1 
Fade to Black (Movie)
Dark, Alternate Form of Main Shingami 
Antagonist Hollow 
Antagonist Hollow 
The Hell Verse (Movie)
Main Antagonist 
Leader of Togabito 
Subordinate Togabito 
Subordinate Togabito 
Subordinate Togabito 
Subordinate Togabito 
The 3rd Phantom (Video Game)
Main Character 
Main Character 
Former 5th Division Captain, Game Only 
Sister to Captain 
1st Division Shingami
Captain, Former 8th Division Captain 
Co-Lt, Former 8th Division Lt. 
Co-Lt, Former 3rd Seat 
Former 1st Division Captain, Deceased 
Former 1st Division Lt, Deceased 
2nd Division Shingami
Captain of 2nd Division 
Lt of 2nd Division 
Former Lt of 2nd Division, Retired 
3rd Division Shingami
Former 3rd Division Captain, Deceased 
Lt of 3rd Division 
Former Lt of 3rd Division, Retired 
4th Division Shingami
Captain, Former Lt of 4th Division 
Lt, Former 3rd Seat of 13th Division 
Co 3rd Seat of 4th Division 
Co 3rd Seat, Former 7th Seat 
Former Captain of 4th Division, Deceased 
Former Lt of 4th Division, Fate Unknown 
5th Division Shingami
Lt of 5th Division 
Former Captain of 5th Division, Discharged, Main Antagonist 
6th Division Shingami
Captain of 6th Division 
Lt of 6th Division 
Former Captain of 6th Division, Fate Unknown 
Former Lt of 6th Division, Deceased 
Former 3rd Seat of 6th Division, Deceased, Anime Only 
7th Division Shingami
Captain, Former Lt of 7th Division 
Former Captain of 7th Division, Discharged 
Former Lt of 7th Division, Retired 
Former 4th Seat of 7th Division, Discharged 
8th Division Shingami
3rd Seat of 8th Division 
9th Division Shingami
Lt of 9th Division 
Former Captain of 9th Division, Deceased 
Former 3rd Seat of 9th Division, Deceased 
Former 4th Seat of 9th Division, Deceased 
Former 6th Seat of 9th Division, Deceased 
10th Division Shingami
Captain, Former 3rd Seat of 10th Division 
Lt of 10th Division 
11th Division Shingami
Captain of 11th Division 
Lt, Former 3rd Seat of 11th Division 
3rd, Former 5th Seat of 11th Division 
10th Seat of 11th Division 
Former Captain of 11th Division, Deceased 
Former Lt of 11th Division, Fate Unknown 
Servant to Bounts, Deceased 
12th Division Shingami
Captain of 12th Division 
Lt, Former 3rd Seat of 12th Division 
Unknown Seat in 12th Division 
Former Lt of 12th Division, Deceased 
13th Division Shingami
Captain, Former Lt of 13th Division 
3rd Seat of 13th Division 
Former Captain of 13 Division, Deceased 
Former 3rd Seat of 13th Division, Deceased 
Royal Guard
Hot Spring Healing 
Creator of Mod Souls, Former Captain of 12 Division 
Creator of Zapakuto 
Great Weave Guard 
Monk Who Calls the Real Name 
Protected by the Royal Guard 
Fallen God, Soul King's Assistant  
Oriheme's Best Friend, Ichigo's Rival 
TV Personality That Can See Spirits 
Shingami Aiming to Destroy Bounts, Anime Only 
Gate Guardian of Seireitei 
Parakeet Soul Protected by Chad 
Leader, A-Almighty 
Arrancar Soldier 
Arrancar Soldier 

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