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OriginNameNotable Bearers
Male, from the Basque place name 'Etxaberri' (New House)Nady, Mcdaniel, Arenas
Male, means 'defending men', from the greek 'alexo' (to defend, help) and 'aner' (man)Hamilton, Escovedo (Hispanic form)
Unisex, from either the last name and place derived from the Latin 'curtus' (short), or a Norman nickname meaning 'short nose'Cox, Love, Roby
Unisex, derived from the Irish name 'Raghailleach' meaning 'unknown'Pitts, Darnell, Chamberlain
Means 'gazelle' in aramaic, rendered in greek as 'Dorcas'- feminineD'umo, Babbit, King
Male, means 'dog' in Hebrew- namesake was rewarded for faith in the Old Testament by being allowed into CanaanCarr, Followill, Bradham
Unisex, originally an Old English surname denoting a bailiffWhite, Kay __ Hutchinson
From the Scottish surname 'Mac Óda' (son of Otto)Linley, Chesnutt, Collins, Longo
Feminine, from the Hebrew '`Avigayil' meaning 'My father is joy'. Namesake was the third wife of King David.Adams, Breslin, Fillmore
Male, from the Roman God of warLuther King, Scorcese, Sheen
Male, means 'solid, enduring' in Hebrew, namesake was a Biblical wiseman and cymbal player in King Solomon's courtAllen, Coen, Hawke
Unisex, originally a surname and town, from the Old English 'heg' (hay) and 'leah' (clearing)Osment, Barbour, Williams, Duff
Male, from a surname meaning 'broad clearing' in Old EnglishCooper, Whitford, Beesley
Male, shortened from Latin 'Augustus' meaning 'great' or 'venerable'Nichols, Aries
Male, From Old English meaning 'hill covered with a broom'Novak, Lee, Flowers, Fobbs
OriginNameNotable Bearers
From hebrew 'Shemu'el', meaning 'Name of God' or 'God has Heard'- Feminine formHarris, Peszek, Lan __ Chang, Smith
Unisex, originally a surname 'd'Airelle' referring to a town in France.Waltrip, Strawberry, Hannah
Male from Greek 'nike' victory and 'laos' (people)Cage, Carter, Jonas
Female, from Hebrew 'Shosann' (lily)Somers, Hoffs, Collins
From greek 'ge' (earth) and 'ergon' (work), meaning farmerWashington, Carver, Ramos (Hispanic form)
From a common surname derived from the French 'taillur'Lautner, Swift, Hanson
Male, From Hebrew 'Yared' meaning 'descent'Leto, Fogle, Padalecki
Unisex, Originally a surname, From gaelic 'leas celyn' meaning 'garden of holly'Nielson, Mann
Male, originally a surname from the French 'tirel' (to pull) referring to a stubborn personOwens, Suggs, Davis
Originally a surname, from scottish 'cam' (crooked) and 'sron' (nose)Diaz, Crowe
From Latin, meaning 'worthy of love'- feminineBynes, Abizaid
Feminine, invented by poet Jonathan Swift from the name of his friend Esther VanhomrighHudgens, Williams
Unisex, from the Old Welsh surname 'Morcant' meaning 'sea circle'Freeman, Fairchild
Feminine from Hebrew 'Mikha'el' meaning 'who is God?'Obama, Rodriguez
Unisex, from a surname derived either from the Old English 'blaec' (black) or 'blac' (pale)Lively, Shelton, Edwards

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