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In 1818, this novel by Mary Shelley was published in which a scientist creates a monster
This country was part of Sweden until 1809 and then Russia until it declared independence in 1917
This author of the Great Gatsby was part of the 'Lost Generation' of the Twenties
This teen's father published her World War II diary after she died of typhus in a concentration camp (enter first name)
The 1949 Nobel Prize for Literature was awarded to this man and is known for 'As I Lay Dying'
Mark Zuckerberg is the CEO and founder of this website which everyone 13 and over can join since 2006
This large city situated on the Main River is the financial and transportation center of Germany
This physicist proposed a temperature scale in 1724 named after him
This king, married to Isabella of Castile, expelled the Moors from Grenada, sent Christopher Columbus on his expedition, and more
This broadcasting company was launched in 1986 and has such shows as American Idol, Married... with Children, and Ally McBeal
The annual Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival is hosted in this capital of the province of New Brunswick
Duke Francois of Anjou's failed attempt to conquer the city of Antwerp in 1583 is known by this term
The title character in the 1994 best picture is named after this first Grand Wizard of the KKK
This general and leader for nearly 40 years of Spain led from the late 1930s until his death in 1975
In 1982, to control this archipelago, Argentina went to war against the United Kingdom
This former comedian is now a senator from Minnesota (enter first name)
This Italian filmmaker was nominated for 12 Oscars
At this theater in April of 1865, Laura Keene and John Wilkes Booth starred in 'Our American Cousin'
This is the last name of Henry, the oldest winner of the Academy Award for best actor, and his daughter who won Best Actress twice

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