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A nickname for the region where all 11 states that formed the CSA are located
During World War 2, many Jews in this country were warned of the German arrest and deportation so most Jews survived
This man was President Pierce's Secretary of War and also a U.S. senator of Mississippi before his state seceded from the Union
This man received 59 Academy Award nominations and died in 1966, months before his amusement park opened in Florida
Although he converted to Anglicanism as a teenager, this British Prime Minister in 1868 1874-1880 was the only Jewish PM
Winston Churchill called it 'a miracle'' that over 300,000 British troops were evacuated from the beaches near this place in France in little boats
This British naturalist was the author of the 'Origin of the Species'
This famous Elizabethan scholar is noted for his study on alchemy and navigation
This 'Little Giant' from Illinois defeated the 6'4'' Abraham Lincoln in the Illinois Senate race after the famous debates in 1858
This city, first permanently settled by John Neely Bryan in 1841, might have been named after the U.S. vice president under James Knox Polk
HintD Answer
This King of Scotland (Alba) from 1034-1040 was actually a young man, unlike Shakespeare's description of him in Macbeth
Some of China's examples of this are the Shang, Zhou, and the Ming
During the Spanish Golden Age, Miguel de Cervantes wrote this, the second most translated book.
Jerry Ross died shortly after this, written by him and Richard Adler, musical comedy premiered on Broadway in 1955. In the 1950s, the team in the title won 6 World Series.
This capital city of the Free State of Saxony in Germany was destroyed by the Allied aerial bombing. It is the only city in Europe to lose its status as a world heritage site
In addition to his artwork, this Renaissance man is known for his concept of a helicopter, a tank, concentrated solar power, and more.
The first time this term was applied politically was when James Knox Polk, a relatively unknown Democrat, beat many more well known canidates for the 1844 Democratic nomination
The 1954 winner of Time's Man of the Year was this secretary of state under President Eisenhower. He also has an airport in Virginia named after him.
This Pennyslvania wealthy delegate who would become the 'President of Delaware' refused to sign the Declaration of Independence.
This country first won indepedence in 1821 from the Spanish, but lost it again Haiti and then the U.S. occupied it. Now, it is a country moving towards representative governemnt.

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