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This 6th president's last name begins with A
This U.S. state is the 49th state to enter the union
This prince was Queen Victoria's husband
This is Queen Victoria's first name
This man has two continents named after him
This is _____ the Hun
The vice president whose first name begins with A killed Alexander Hamilton
Hungary used to be in an empire with this country
King Henry the VIII's brother was named this, after the King of Camelot
The current capital of Maryland was the temporary capital of the U.S. from 1783-1784
This book by Orwell used satire to mock the Soviet Union's communism
Columbus was trying to find a quick route to this continent when he hit the Americas
This is the name of the great Ancient Greek king of Macedon
This man said 'one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind'
The Kennedy brothers are buried here
This man is known as the Father of Texas
This daughter of Czar Nicholas II was rumored to be alive
She is famous for her World War II diary
This group of people wanted to eliminate slavery
They were the original inhabitants of Australia

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