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are you overloaded candy coated?
smooth talking, so rockin'
were gonna stay out.... uh oh all over again
strenght is some .. that's a lesson ...
can i find a way to be
and now suddenly thunder
get up and dance
youve been on my mind since i woke up today
i can't be superman
i have to wonder if this waves to big
they know a secrete
and im gonna take my time yeah
so i put my hands up
the weekends almost done the moon is low in the sky
All Miley/Hannah Songs
can you take care of her?
brushed my teeth, and combed my hair.
when we can be all over the place
that' all they really want, some girls
im unusal not so typical way to smart
if your 5 or 82
ive been in a rut back and fourth
why would you rather be anywhere else
.. the end of the road
a freaky little, sneaky ..
call me once and i'll come running
i got my sight set on you
don't you wish you could of been a good boy
never try to push or make me different
your my type of guy I guess .. '
.. you make me love you'
go out and paint a picture.
and I still shed a tear every once in a while
All Miley/Hannah Songs
Just thinking back to where we started..
you pull me aside when someting aint right
looks like we found ourselves up against the wall
how did i get here i turned aroung ... didn't rationalize cause somehow I knew
when the waves are flooding the shore ..
then you rock out the show'
In a dream you appeared .. '
this aint not time for you bad attitude
you decide
do you know the real me
sometime might knock me down but
I's 6AM and I'm wide awake
again and again till i make it right
you'd be the right guy, and id be the bestfriend
tell me your dreams, ..

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