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Lead GlueFree French Leader
Mr Toy GnomeRommel's nemesis
Ripe FistBritish fighter plane
Iron PagesSE Asian city; site of largest British surrender in history
Biker GlitzGerman 'Lightning War'
See Hero WinSupreme Commander of Allied Forces in Europe
Old RoverCode name for Allied invasion of Europe
Top AntBrash but effective US General
Dragnet Maker'A Bridge Too Far' Operation code name
A Lean LimeTurning point in North Africa
Back RimsFamous German battleship
Waltz DinersFamously neutral European nation
Iron EggLuftwaffe Commander
A Last GrindTurning point on the Eastern Front
SeminarAmphibious branch of military which saw extensive service in the pacific theatre
Chemists TermsGerman aircraft manufacturer
Banal ChimerUK Prime Minister, signed Munich Agreement in 1938
No Dry ManArea of France chosen for Allied invasion
Rehab ParlorCaused American entry into war
Monastic EonsAncient Italian Abbey controversially destroyed by bombers

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