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Admiral-in-chief of the Ottoman Empire in the 1530's. Conquered all of Tunisia.
Sailed from Ocracote Inlet. Reputedly went into battle with smoking kelp in his beard and slow-burning hemp fuse tucked under his hat
The 'Gentleman's Pirate'; hanged in Charleston, SC, in 1718. Formerly a wealthy planter; participated in the Siege of Charleston
Most famous female pirate in the Carribbean. Captured in 1720; escaped hanging due to pregnancy
Widow of Chinese pirate Zheng Yi and possibly most successful pirate of all time. Accepted amnesty in 1810.
English hero known for circumnavigating globe; died of dysentery in 1596 after unsuccessful attack on San Juan, Peurto Rico
Father of the American Navy, considered by British to be a common privateer
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Wealthy New York merchant and privateer, hanged in London after a sensational trial in 1701
Assisted Andrew Jackson at the Battle of New Orleans in 1815
Bostonian psychopath, notorious for torturing prisoners before executing them. Possibly hanged in Martinique by French authorities in 1724
Very successful privateer (and rum bottle icon) based in Bahamas; became Deputy Governor of Jamaica; died in 1688.
Famed for his colorful calico clothing, he was captured and hanged in 1720
Highly successful Welsh pirate, captured over 470 ships before death in battle in 1722
Cruel and successful Carribbean pirate, marooned by a mutinous crew. Captured and hanged in Jamaica in 1721

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