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International organization, headquarters opens in Manhattan NYJan. 10
Asian nation, refuses ceases-fire in KoreaJan. 17
Left-handed pitcher and future Cuban leader ejected for beaning batter in Winter League gameJan. 22
Conrad Hilton Jr. becomes the first man to divorce this Hollywood starletJan. 29
American radio commentator, arrested for trying to sneak into Argonne Atomic Lab (Ill), to demonstrate lax securityFeb. 6
Multi-sport event for the Western Hemisphere, first held in Buenos AiresFeb. 25
Fired by President Truman, this American General retires and is given a ticker-tape parade in NYCApril 11-22
Dalai Lama signs 17 point agreement, accepting Chinese sovereignty over this country/regionMay 23
Political party RPF (Rassemblement du Peuple Fran├žais), headed by this WWII hero, wins French parliamentary electionsJun. 18
Famous JD Salinger novel, publishedJul. 16
Belgian monarch, abdicatesJul. 16
Ruler of Jordan, assassinated in JerusalemJul. 20
Disney adaptation of Lewis Carroll work, released to lukewarm critical acclaimJul. 28
European nation's male voters reject female suffrageSep. 20
Cult classic movie - an alien and his robot (Gort) land on Cold War-era Earth with a message - releasedSep. 28
'Bedtime for Bonzo' debuts, starring this actorSep. 28
Communist nation, proclaims it has atomic bombOct. 6
Television show starring Desi Arnaz and wife, debutsOct. 15
Defeats Joe Louis in Madison Square GardenOct. 26
Re-elected as British Prime MinisterOct. 26
Hall of Fame NY Yankee center fielder, retiresDec. 11
African nation, gains independence from Italy via UNDec. 24
One of two world heavyweight boxing champions in 1951 ---
Cleveland disc-jockey Alan Freed names this new music style ---
Scores #1 hits with 'Cold, Cold Heart' and 'Hey, Good Lookin' ---

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