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Hint'V', 'W', or 'Y' Answer
__________ of _________ies, saith the Preacher, _________ of _____ies, all is _________
Place to find water. The Samaritan woman met Jesus at Jacob's.
Curtain tused to separate rooms or chambers. The one in the Temple was rent when Jesus died
Shortest verse in the Bible? 'Jesus _____'
Made from grapes. May be old or new, fermented or unfermented
Observe expectantly; '______ and pray'
Evil, sinful, immoral. 'No rest for the _______'
Praise, reverence, and adoration, especially for a deity
Made from a man's rib
The ________ of sin is death...
Hint'V', 'W', or 'Y' Answer
My ______ is easy, and my burden is light
Plural second-person pronoun; archaic. O, ___ of little faith
Yea, though I walk through the _________ of the shadow of death,...
Type of bowl. Seven of these full of the wrath of God are poured upon the Earth in the book of Revelation
Queen and wife of Ahasuerus (Xerxes) before Esther
This aquatic mammal is credited with swallowing Jonah
Three ______ men came from the East bearing gifts for Jesus
He leadeth me beside the still ________
Extreme anger or indignation. 'We shall be saved from ______ through him...'
Grapes grow on these. 'I am the ______, ye are the branches.'

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