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Hint'T' or 'U' Answer
Either of the two stones (one begins with T, the other with U) used for divination by priests
City to which two New Testament epistles were written
Emperor at Jesus' birth
To be unholy, defiled, or ritually impure
How many commandments?
Only one of the pastoral epistles was written to this man
King of Judah who became a leper
Abraham wasn't Lot's father, he was his __________
Jonah was in the belly of the whale _______ days
They were sown in the wheat, but shouldn't be pulled up.
The day of the Lord will come as a ________ in the night
Judah's daughter-in-law, and one of four women specifically called out in Jesus' lineage
Traditionally considered the first Bishop of Ephesus, this young man received two personal epistles from Paul
___ of the Chaldees; original home of Abram and home of the earliest code of laws, which were later the base of Hammurabi's code.
Jesus was about this age when he began his earthly ministry
Hint'T' or 'U' Answer
________ and see that the Lord is good...
City in Asia Minor which the Apostle Paul called home
A grave, especially when carved into rock or stone. Jesus was in the _______ three days
One of the 12 disciples, also called Didymus
Special chair or seat occupied by the King. God sits on a white one on the Day of Judgment
Simon Peter stayed with Simon the __________ at Joppah
Solomon built the first, which Nebuchadnezzar destroyed. The second, known as Herod's, was destroyed by Rome
Dwelling place of the Ark of the Covenant in the wilderness and at Shiloh
There's a New and an Old, which together comprise the 66 books of the Bible
Literally, one tenth. The offering required under Old Testament law for support of the priests
Fall holiday (US) celebrating gratitude to God
Bathsheba's original husband
'Gospel' means 'good news' or 'glad _______'
Lead me not into ______________, but deliver me from evil...
Archaic; singular form of 'you', often found in KJV

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