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Hint'Q', 'X', or 'Z' Answer
No words begin with this letter in either the Old or New Testament in the King James Version
Female ruler; e.g. - Athalia
With speed; rapidly; very soon. Behold, I come __________
Crosses shaped like the Roman letter '__' are generally called St. Andrew's crosses, after the apostle who died on one.
The children of Israel ate this bird in the wilderness for a month
Climbed a sycamore tree to see Jesus
Moses' wife
Archaic word for alive, still used to describe the live flesh under a fingernail. The Word of God is _______,...and sharper than a two-edged sword
Hint'Q', 'X', or 'Z' Answer
James and John were sons of ____________
Put out or extinguish. ________ not the Spirit
Principle Phoenician city, usually associated with Tyre
To shake or tremble. Mount Sinai did this, and so did Moses
Important priest under David and High Priest under Solomon
Either of two Minor Prophets
Tribe of Israel

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