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Hint'O' Answer
Having unlimited power; able to do anything; 'the Lord God ____________ reigneth'
Ruth's sister-in-law
Considered an unclean bird under the law. 'Who' would think of eating one, anyway?
Absalom hung by his hair in this type of tree
Ordered or decreed officially; the powers that be are __________ of God
Gethsemane is at the foot of the Mount of _________
_____ Testament, NewTestament
King Ahab's father; his name is recorded on the Mesha stele
Alpha and ______, beginning and end
To comply with a command, direction, or request. According to Samuel, it's better than sacrifice
Hint'O' Answer
Minor Prophet
Along with Sihon, one of two Amorite kings slain by Moses
A vow or promise
Number representing unity. 'I and my Father are _____'
Tied with 'a' and 'I' for the shortest word in the Bible
The five major types of these (listed in Leviticus) are burnt, meat, peace, sin, and trespass.
Ruth and Boaz's son; Jesse's father
Used for cooking, offerings, and anointing, it is often also a type of the Spirit
Beast of burden, not to be yoked together with a donkey
Servant who was the subject of the epistle to Philemon

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